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Benefits of Water Hyacinth Water Hyacinth

Originally considered a water hyacinth plants could damage the environment because it grows wild in marshes, lakes, ssungai, gutters and other standing water. Because it is easy to grow and adapt it, water hyacinth in a short time to cover the surface of a river or lake that is very disturbing sight.Sometimes also be a trigger flooding because plants that propagate over water it can hold trash. For this reason, many efforts destroy water hyacinths because they are considered weeds by the road environment clearance.But there is also a creative minded by utilizing plants as craft materials such as bags, mats, accessories, table cloth and so on. As a result, waste that was very helpful was finally able to be profitable ..Anything new that was encouraging was that the water hyacinth plants have chemical compounds important to be able to cure various diseases.The content of water hyacinth:Elements SiO2, calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), sodium (Na), chloride (Cl), cupper (Cu), manganese (Mn), ferum (Fe) and many more.At its root there is a sulfate and phosphate compounds. The leaves are rich in compounds containing buunganya carotin and delphinidin-3-diglucosida. With all the existing chemical constituents, water hyacinth can cure throat feels hot, urine is not smooth, urticaria and ulcers. Important matter content was found in all organs of the plant roots ddapat samapai leaves used as traditional medicine. Even the flowers are charming nice also be used as traditional medicine.Use of water hyacinth as a remedy inProvide water hyacinth leaves and other parts as much as 20-30 grams then simmering. Refrigerate and drink boiled water.To treat ulcersPrepare the leaves or roots of water hyacinth fresh taste. Material was then pulverized into powder, then add salt to taste, then affixed to a boil.Treating urine is not smooth and urticariaFreshly boiled water hyacinth stems, then boiled in water and drink cool. Only with the traditional treatment, urine can flow (Agrobis).


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